How we made the road our home.

When we started out in the 1930s, we were just a small operation out of Corpus Christi, TX, trying our best to compete with the 7-Elevens of the world. We worked hard to provide the items people needed with a friendly smile and hoped to add a few loyal customers along the way.

Over the past 80 years, we’ve grown a lot bigger, but no less friendly, and we intend to keep it that way. We operate more than 640 Stripes® and Sac-N-Pac™ convenience stores in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, and we are the 11th-largest company-operated convenience store chain in the U.S.

Approximately sixty percent of our Stripes® locations offer fresh, delicious Mexican food prepared under our proprietary Laredo Taco Company® restaurant brand. This makes your road-trip refueling stop fast, fun, friendly and delicious.

We’re happy to make you feel more at home on the road by providing delicious, high-quality products served by fast, friendly, and reliable team members who care about the communities they serve.

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